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Ayom is music personified. It lives inside the drum and is present in many world cultures. This powerful being constitutes the very soul of this project, which draws its inspiration from the diverse musical styles born in the African diaspora via the Black Atlantic.

Its expression is thus transcultural, a musical Esperanto of sorts. 

Ayom’s repertoire weaves together Brazilian, African, Mediterranean and South American rhythms but it’s also influenced by the cosmopolitan energies of Lisbon and Barcelona where the group’s musicians have made their homes. 

The result is a musical genre that transcends borders.

Its sound is at once tropical Atlantic, black and mixed, and it creates bridges between many different rhythms such as carimbó, cumbia, baiao, semba, coladeira, funaná, ijexá, guaguanco and more


Ayom’s lyrics in Portuguese, Spanish, Yoruba, French Creole, and Kimbundo tell stories of love, of encounters, of festivities.  Yet despite the seeming lightness of these themes, Ayom’s music does not shy away from being sensitised to, and rooted in contemporary themes.


This project was born when Jabu Morales—singer, composer, percussionist and researcher of popular Brazilian rhythms—met with Forró Mior, a Lisbon-based group which fused Brazilian baião with rhythms from all over the world. AYOM’s power, originality and poetry emerges from the weaving together of its band members:

Alberto Becucci—Italian accordion player and music arranger—,

Timoteo Grignani—Greek-Italian percussionist and researcher of Latin American rhythms

Pedro Bastos—Brazilian guitarist specialised in choro and Flamenco— 

Walter Martins—Angolan musician and DJ-. 

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